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If you have a problem,it is likely that someone else in the club has already experienced it,discussed it with others and overcome it.If not we probably know a man who can.
The club meets at Clapham Village Hall and holds auctions on the third Friday of each month(except December and January) Clapham Village Hall
High St, Bedford MK41 6BS
The Bedford Birdkeepers club was set up over 20 years ago for members to share their knowledge,experiences in birdkeeping and also to arrange talks and social events apertaining mainly to birds but other interests as well.
Our membership currently stands at about 60 and our experiences varies as much as our ages,from 8 to 80.The birds kept by our members from Amazon parrots to Zebra finches,from Chinese Painted Quail to Ducks,Doves and everything in between.
Like any hobby,birdkeeping can become expensive,so we as a group attempt to buy in bulk where ever possible,thus ensuring that as much saving as possible is available to our members.

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